The spring semester is back in full swing! We hope you are doing well and ready for this semester. We have a lot of new and exciting events and activities planned for the upcoming month, so plan to attend. There will also be a few events for career success that you won’t want to miss out on! It’s the perfect chance to get prepared for your future with the help of some experts in workforce preparation.

Be sure that you are checking your calendars for the events planned each month. If you have any ideas for events you might like, please let your Community Assistant know.

— Your Domain Staff

Maintenance Tips

Do you have any questions about something in your apartment? For utility overages, please call Conservice at (866) 254-4577. They will be able to assist you with any questions regarding your account. When adjusting your thermostats, make sure your fan is on the auto position; this will help to reduce your utility usage and cost. You can push the hold button on your thermostat so the temperature stays constant.

If something is broken, please feel free to contact us. Maintenance requests can be submitted online through your resident portal at on the Residents page.


Reminders & Updates

Locked out of your apartment, neighbors being loud, or have an emergency? Please call Signal 88 for emergencies! Just call (573) 214-2323, follow the prompt, and click for the courtesy officer.

Still trying to keep up with your New Year’s resolution? Remember, we do have a 24-hour fitness center!

With the colder weather here, you may be looking for some indoor fun! Feel free to check out our game room or the golf simulator. Swing by the front desk for pool balls or golf clubs.

Don’t dread the move! We still have spaces available for the 2016–17 year! Stop by the office today to find out current rates and information about renewing your lease for next year. Lock in your room today! We’re leasing up fast, so make sure to renew before it’s too late.

Elly’s Couture is offering Domain residents 15% off your purchase when you mention The Domain and show them your green resident’s pass. Be sure to go check out Elly’s today!


Focus on Career Success

Whether you are a sophomore looking at internships or a senior getting ready for that first job after graduation, the spring semester brings added pressure as you seek to set yourself apart and set yourself up for success.

We want to be part of your success. Be sure to check out our career success events this month, including our live keynote event (February 25) with Mike Tomasello: “How to Land ANY Job, Even When Everyone Says You Can’t.”

Here are 5 tips to keep you moving forward on a career success track:

Tip #1: The key to getting hired is selling yourself better than the other candidates. What’s your pitch? Practice concise ways to share your value and what you are looking for.

Tip #2: Your resume’s only job is to get your foot in the door! Have it critiqued at the career center.

Tip #3: Google yourself: What does your online presence tell future employers? Are you focusing on your online brand? Your potential employer is! Work on shaping your presence online and off.

Tip #4: Come up with EVERY reason an employer might not hire you — and an answer for each objection. For example, “What I lack in relevant experience, I make up for with my drive and proven ability to learn new things quickly.”

Tip #5: Learn from the best! Find people doing what you want to do and doing it well — and ask them for guidance. It’ll be well worth your time and perhaps a few cups of coffee to do informational interviews with others on their success stories.

These tips are obviously just the tip of the iceberg. Watch out for career success experiences here at your community. Whether you want feedback on your pitch or need someone to critique your resume, let us know how we can help!


Community Events Calendar

Battle of the Sexes! — February 1 @ 3:30 p.m.

  • Come to the clubhouse for a fun trivia game, and prove once and for all which is truly the smarter gender!

The Big Game Tailgate! — February 7 @ 12:30 p.m.

  • Join us in the clubhouse to enjoy food, friends, and football!

Do You Have a CRUSH? — February 10–12

  • Have a Domain crush? Swing by the clubhouse and let us know who it is, and we’ll deliver a crush can to them on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Breakfast — February 12 @ 10:30 a.m.

  • Join us in the clubhouse for a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast!

National Condom Week — February 17 from 7–8 p.m.

  • Join us in the clubhouse to learn about safe sex practices — a member of the Wellness Center will come out to speak on the subject.

Headshots! — February 22

  • Drop by the clubhouse to have your headshot taken to add to your resume! The time is yet to be determined, so make sure to pay attention to our calendar on social media.

National Tootsie Roll Day! — February 23

  • Swing by the clubhouse to pick up a sweet treat to help you roll through the day!

Resume-Building Workshop — February 23

  • Come to the business center and learn some helpful tips on creating the perfect resume! The time is yet to be determined, so make sure to pay attention to our calendar on social media.

How to Land ANY Job, Even When Everyone Says You Can’t! — February 25

  • Come to the clubhouse to watch a speech presented by Mike Tomasello!


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