What is it about the holidays that makes us crave comfort food, cookies, and cakes? Maybe it’s the cold weather or the Christmas cheer that gives us all a bit of a sweet tooth. Whether you rely on a microwave for most of your meals or you’re a natural in the kitchen, these easy Christmas recipes and holiday dishes can be whipped up with ease. Satisfy your holiday cravings with these food ideas. Make one or make them all to serve up a four-course Christmas dinner menu everyone will love.


Appetizer: Salad and Snacks

Kale and Quinoa Salad: This salad is healthy and tasty. The base is hearty kale, and it’s topped with pomegranate, cranberries, and walnuts. The green and red color scheme makes this salad a great addition to your Christmas dinner table setting. You can find the full directions, including a homemade dressing recipe, on Eat Yourself Skinny.


Chicken Cranberry Brie Tartlets: Cranberry is a common ingredient in holiday foods. This appetizer fits right in with a holiday menu, calling for fresh cranberries. Their sweet and tart flavor makes a perfect pastry filling. You can find the recipe on Lemon Tree Dwelling.


Sausage Cheese Balls: Bite-sized snacks make great appetizers. They’re perfect for munching on while conversing with family and friends as you wait for the main course. And let’s be honest, cheese is a total comfort food. Don’t let your guests get hungry; make this recipe from Wishes and Dishes.


Main Dish: Holiday Ham

Crock-Pot Ham: This holiday ham recipe is so easy! All you have to do is season the ham, and the slow cooker does the rest of the work! Plus, you get that juicy and tender ham as a result of the low-and-slow cooking process of a Crock-Pot. Head over to Spend With Pennies for the full recipe and instructions.


Crock-Pot Ham

Crock-Pot Ham via Spend With Pennies


Roasted Fresh Ham: Fresh ham is unique in that it is uncured and unsmoked. This gives you more room to experiment with your own flavors. If you don’t know the best way to season your fresh ham, check out Epicurious for a great ham recipe.


Side Dish: Savory Sides

Nantucket Corn Pudding: This Colonial-era dish is still a holiday tradition in many modern households. Bring this dish to the table, and everyone will be asking for a recipe. Corn pudding can be made many different ways, but we like the creamy, cheesy version from A Family Feast the best!


Butter and Garlic Green Beans: This green bean dish is easy and affordable to make. They also pair excellently with a Christmas ham. A little simplicity can be appreciated when it comes to planning a big holiday party menu. These green beans are prepared and cooked in just 15 minutes. Baking Mischief has the full recipe.


Dessert: Christmas Cookies


Christmas Tree Sugar cookies with Green Frosting

Sugar Cookies, Photo by Dano via Flickr.


Traditional Sugar Cookies: Few things satisfy a sweet tooth as well as a sugar cookie! These no-fuss cookies are easy to make and fun to decorate. To make them even more festive, use holiday-themed cookie cutters in shapes like snowflakes, Christmas trees, and snowmen. There’s a traditional sugar cookie recipe that we love on Joy of Baking.


Gingerbread Gooey Butter Cookies: These cookies will melt in your mouth. Make them for a holiday party, or cook them at home for you and your roommates to share. Gingerbread is a classic Christmas food. Get into the spirit and head over to Wicked Good Kitchen for the full recipe.


Snickerdoodles: Another holiday classic, Snickerdoodles are dusted with cinnamon and sugar. This sweet treat has a crispy outside and a chewy inside. Tips for getting the texture just right, as well as complete instructions for making these cookies from scratch, can be found on Veronika’s Kitchen.


Beverage: Holiday Punch

Cranberry Pineapple Punch: Fruity flavors don’t have to be reserved for summertime only. The trick to creating a delicious fruity drink for winter is to stick with what’s in season. Cranberries’ peak season is in the fall, and pineapples have a winter season in the Caribbean. Use these in-season flavors to create a delicious cranberry pineapple punch. You can find instructions on Real Housemoms.


Grinch Hot Chocolate: This creative take on hot chocolate comes out green, just like the Grinch! We have a feeling this drink will inspire (rather than squash) your Christmas spirit, though. Learn how to make this holiday drink on Cooking With Curls.


We hope you found something delicious for your Christmas dinner or holiday party in our recipe roundup! Share your photos with us by tagging us @domaincolumbia on Instagram or @domainatcolumbia on Facebook!


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