Even though you might be in the center of the U.S., there’s no reason to not celebrate the food of our neighbors to the south. Nothing hits the spot the way tacos do, and we’ve found the best tacos in Columbia, MO for you.

Las Margaritas

Want a drink with a view? Go to Las Margaritas to find a variety of taco options with a waterfront deck. Sip on their beloved margaritas and try the tacos al pastor.

El Tigre

Who can deny the greatness of a deep-fried taco covered in queso? That’s just one of the treats offered at El Tigre, along with all the classic tacos you love.

El Maguey

With tacos like this just six minutes from campus, there’s no excuse to not indulge. Try the fajitas tacos and the college-friendly pricing on margaritas.

Carlito’s Cabo

While most on this list are Tex-Mex tacos, Carlito’s is inspired by Peruvian cuisine. Their twist on tacos, the Lomo Saltado, makes you wonder why you didn’t try Peruvian food sooner.

44 Canteen

When an entire menu is devoted to tacos, you know they’re serious about the taco game. With playful twists like the Faux-Rito Taco and the Sloppy Joe Taco, there’s no limit to 44 Canteen’s creativity.

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