2019 is finally upon us! We hope you all are enjoying your break and getting ready for the upcoming spring semester. We’ll be busy this break planning all sorts of fun events for you all this spring!

Maintenance Tips

Do you have any questions about something in your apartment? For questions on utility overages, please call City of Columbia utilities at (573) 874-2489.

With the colder weather, you’ll be using your heater more, so be sure to be energy conscious. When adjusting your thermostat, make sure your fan is on the auto position; this will help to reduce your utilities. You can push the hold button on your thermostat so the temperature stays constant. Also, make sure to close and lock all windows before leaving your apartment if you had them open.

If something is broken, please feel free to contact us. Maintenance requests can be submitted online through your resident portal at https://domainatcolumbia.com/residents. Please provide as much detail as possible to assist our maintenance techs in completing your work order as quickly as they can.


Locked out of your apartment, neighbors being loud, or have an emergency? Please call an on-call staff member!

With the colder weather, you may be looking for some indoor fun. Feel free to use our 24-hour clubhouse! Check out our game room, golf simulator, or 24-hour movie theater!

Don’t dread the move! We still have spaces available for the 2019–20 year! Call the office today to find out current rates and information about renewing your lease for next year.

Be sure to check your calendars for the experiences planned for this month! If you have any ideas for events you might like, please let your Community Assistant know.

Resolve to Make 2019 Amazing

Welcome to the start of a new year! Your satisfaction and success in 2019 tops our list of goals. What are yours? Here are a few tips to help you move from survive to THRIVE in 2019:

  • Get connected! Here in the community, don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet your neighbors, make new friends, and have fun at our events. If there’s an experience we can create for you, please let one of our team members know. Outside of your living environment, take advantage of the many ways you can get involved on campus and in the surrounding area. Please reach out to our team for suggestions of places to go and things to do. We’ll hook you up!
  • Define success. What is your next big goal? Is it graduation? Finding that perfect internship or job? Achieving a certain GPA? Take time as 2019 ramps up to envision where you see yourself in the next 12 months. Write down your picture of success and refer to it often! Ask yourself this key question regularly: Is what I am doing today getting me closer to my goal?
  • Use your resources. Don’t try to do this alone! Use the resources you have available to help you achieve greatness in 2019. Our team is here for you, whether you have a question about your residential experience or something completely unrelated. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who can help. When it comes to your career and financial success, be sure to take advantage of our resident-specific resources, including:
    1. Career Success Portal (careersuccessportal.com): Build your resume, practice interviewing, get access to millions of job listings, and much more! Utilize this EXCLUSIVE resource for our residents.
    2. RentTrack (renttrack.com/campusadvantage): Have your rent payments reported to all three credit bureaus, and get monitoring and credit protection. Residents have seen their credit scores jump an average of 46 points with just a few months of reporting!

Because you’ve chosen to live at a Campus Advantage community, you have a team behind you, dedicated to helping you have the best experience possible. We’re here for you and can’t wait to see you succeed in 2019 and beyond!

P.S. Be sure to connect with us on our social media accounts so you can stay in the loop!

Community Events

Walking Taco Tuesday — January 15 @ noon — Join us in the clubhouse for free food and games to help ring in the new year!

Grocery Bingo — January 17 @ 5 p.m. — Start the new year off right and start that healthy eating! Play grocery bingo and win healthy treats!

Welcome Back Party — January 20 @ 5 p.m. — Join us in the clubhouse for free food and games to help ring in the new year!

Planner Pizza Party — January 21 @ 6 p.m. — Stop by the clubhouse to grab a planner and pizza to start your year perfectly!

National Blonde Brownie Day — January 22 @ 2 p.m. — Stop by the clubhouse to grab a delicious blonde brownie to give you that extra boost for the first day of classes!

New Year’s Resolutions and Pizza — January 23 @ 3 p.m. — Come down to the clubhouse and write a note to your future self with your new year’s resolutions, goals, or whatever else you want. Enjoy some free pizza, and expect to get your note back later in the year!

National Pie Day Celebration — January 24 @ 1 p.m. — Come grab a slice of pie in the clubhouse!

DIY Mason Jars and Candles — January 25 @ noon — Come to the cyber café and paint mason jars and candles to decorate your apartment for the new year. Get to know your neighbors while you’re at it!



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